Worldwide Conferencing

The new dmAllTalk UK

Does your business ever require 3 or more of you, all in different locations, talking on the phone together at the same time?

If so, try our Worldwide Conferencing Service

SAVE!! - Our version is 50% cheaper than the complicated corporate versions just dial 0871-711-1919 (UK) or 0870 080 2929 (WORLDWIDE) to set up your free private conferecne room.

UK Worldwide
0871-711-1919 0870 080 2929

Business: Put an end to telephone ping pong. No more messages relaying the same old: 'returning your call, which was returning my call' routine

Private: Plan parties or outings and make arrangements with all of your friends at the same time. Think of the possibilities - family birthdays, planning a friends' night out, world-wide coffee mornings, etc - all with one phone call.

Limiting your phone conversations to just two people? That's so last millennium!