Cheap virtual switchboard

Never miss another sales call!

Cheap virtual switchboard - with ALL numbers

Finally small and medium size businesses have a chance to compete with larger companies thanks to the new DM Switchboard.

When a client dials your number they hear your welcome message followed by up to nine menu choices.

Each menu choice can be either a divert to a telephone, voice mail or information announcement.

Diverts can be to landlines, mobiles and phones in over 180 countries.

It is only an extra 2.50 per month and you can add it to any package once you have signed up

0800 081 1560

What is dmSwitchboard?

dmSwitchboard is part of the dmNumbers family of products. It is a versatile, configurable call handling service that can help you in the following ways:

  • It is a professional front-end to a multi-person business
  • It eases call distribution for dispersed and dynamic businesses
  • It allows callers to choose which "department" to talk to
  • It can be used to present frequently required information to callers without disturbing personnel
  • It can forward calls to "departments" spread around the world
  • It is powerful, yet simple to set up
  • It can be programmed with your own operating hours
  • You can have it on any number range from 0800 to 070 K-rate

Why not try it out? If you don't want to keep it, simply return it for recycling as with all of our numbers we offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

The numbers are available in the following popular configurations;

  • 0800 - Freephone
  • 0870 - National Rate
  • 0845 - Local Rate
  • 0207 - Central London
  • 07005 - Personal Number

Voice mail messages can be changed via your telephone handset.

Different numbers can divert to destinations at different costs:

  • 0870 is free to UK landlines and between 3p - 23p to mobiles depending on the network and time of day.
  • 0871 is free to UK landlines, European Landlines, USA & Canada
  • 07005-9 is free to UKmobiles and many international mobiles & landlines.