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070059 Numbers with cheap Virtual Switchboard

07's ('mobile numbers') look like mobile phone numbers, and are recognisably more expensive to call than 08's and 020-7's. As such, they are more suitable for contacting individuals than for sales use, although they make good 'field support' numbers for staff who are 'on call'. 07 numbers are free to set up and include a huge amount of free call-forwarding, making them perfect personal contact numbers, and ideal for trialing our advanced messaging services, including dmSwitchboard. [ Get an 070059 number ]

Why should I get a FREE 070059 number from your company?

100% 14 day money back guarantee
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  • Instant reservation.
  • Huge range of standard and memorable gold numbers.
  • Established Telecoms Supplier - Now in its 10th year of trading.
  • Full web based control 24 hours a day.
  • Cheap virtual switchboard (+2.50 / month)
  • FREE voicemail.
  • Diverts to Mobiles.
  • Diverts to 180 countries.
  • Money Back Guarantee - full refund within 7 days - nothing to lose!

How much will an 070059 Phone number cost me?

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What is the set up cost?FREE
How much is the line rental?FREE
How much is divert to UK landlinesFREE
How much is divert to UK mobilesFREE
Do I get any free divert time?YES
Where will it divert to?UK Landlines, Mobiles and 180 Countries Worldwide
How much do they cost to call?37.5p per minute peak.
What is the contract length?1 day
How can I pay?FREE - no need to pay

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